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WHIDS Update

WHIDS is an open-source tool aiming at bringing a low cost EDR technology to the community. It is built on top of Microsoft Sysmon (used for system monitoring) and comes with all the detection/response capabilities as well as endpoint management functionalities. Since its last public presentation, the tool has seen a lot of changes. In this talk, I would like to provide the community an update about the new features implemented.

In a first part, I will introduce the tool and the motivation behind its development. Secondly, I will go through the most relevant features implemented since the last presentation. I will focus on the more relevant changes:

  • endpoint visibility enhancement through ETW monitoring
  • improved IOC management and new integration with MISP
  • remote Sysmon configuration installation/management
  • OSQuery deployment

Finally, I’ll will conclude on the roadmap for this project.


4:00 PM
30 minutes